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Overuse Syndrome; even Sports Massage Therapists get it!

I could literally kick myself; well perhaps not as kicking caused the issue in the first place but you get my point. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about I’ll start at the beginning. Back in December 2016 I got a new exercise programme that focussed on martial arts inspired circuits. Put simply lots of kicking and jumping. In addition to undertaking this circuit training I also continued to run and train for longer distances than I had been doing. Here is where I went wrong; not giving my muscles a break between high intensity training and going for a run instead.

Around two months ago I noticed that my left thigh was twinging when I did certain things. Namely when I supported my weight on the left leg going up the stairs, when kicking with the right leg and when performing push kicks with the left leg. Primarily my Rectus Femoris muscle (kicking muscle as it is also known) was not happy. This muscle is one of the Quadriceps and responsible for extending the knee and flexing the hip. It is a big muscle and in my case it would appear that it was unhappy about being used to its full capacity. Due to these odd twinges I did remove the activities that were causing them and assumed that I had Strained the muscle; which is in part right however overuse syndrome is much more complex and the problem was more extensive than I had realised.

What is an overuse injury you may wonder. My first response is to this is a complete nightmare but in technical terms it occurs when the micro-traumas that occur naturally during high intensity exercise or work aren’t given enough time to heal. Micro-traumas are tiny tears to muscle fibres and perfectly natural but when rest is not provided these become more extensive. When this happens scar tissue has to get in