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Chronic Pain and Injury - How can soft tissue therapy can help

Sadly soft tissue therapy or massage therapy can be overlooked when it comes to the management of chronic pain or injury. The term massage therapy; for many; still conjures up images of a relaxing treat. However there is so much more to soft tissue therapy than this and it is very beneficial in treating chronic pain and injury

Anybody that has received soft tissue therapy to help with their chronic pain can tell you how it has benefitted them and this may be emotionally as well as physically. They find that daily activities are not painful or that they are able to carry out tasks that have been impossible due to their pain. Additionally their pain levels reduce and with it sleep quality and quantity can increase. This increase in physical and emotional health then leads to increased enjoyment in life and ability to exercise.

Chronic pain can occur for any number of reasons from an orthopaedic condition to an old injury or from an autoimmune disease to repetitive strain . Regardless of the cause there is likely to be pain stemming from immobile joints, restricted muscles and connective tissues. These restrictions within the musculoskeletal system will commonly increase over time and with it discomfort and pain

So what can soft tissue therapy and massage do to help?? First and foremost it can be used to help to return muscles to their fully functioning length. When there is restriction in a muscle it will be unable to fully lengthen and this causes restrictions in joint function as the muscle will not allow full range of motion to occur. There are several techniques that can be used to achieve this during treatments.

By releasing the restricted muscle; and subsequent restrictions in the jo